1. Children Should Come To School After Having A Bath And Wearing Clean Uniform. 
2. Girls Should Tie Their Hair With Ribbons And Boys Should Have Short Hair With No Hair Colour. 
3. Wearing I Card Is Compulsory. 
4. Children Should Bring A Handkerchief And A Water Bottle. 
5. The School is not responsible for the Theft or Damage to a Child's Cycle. 
6. The First Page of the Diary Should Be filled by the Parents Carefully. 
7. No jewllery, makeup or other accessories are allowed. 


1. Children Should Bring Healthy Snacks In Their Tiffin. 
2. Non- Vegetarian Food And Curries Of Any Kind Are Not Allowed In The Tiffin. 
3. Children Can Bring Their Favourite Vegetarian Snacks To School On Friday. 
4. Please Don't Send Children With Money To School 
5. Please Write The Child's Name On The Tiffin And Water Bottle. 
6. No Tiffin or water bottle will be accepted at the gate from this session. 


1. Parents Should Check The Diaries Of The Student Everyday and Notices If Any Should Be Signed. 
2. Books Should Be Covered and a Name Slip Should Be Pasted with the Student's Name and Class Written on It. 
3. Parents Should Spend Some Time With Their Child Everyday And Avoid Using Bad Words In Front Of The Children. 
4. Please Ensure All Homework That Is Given Is Completed By Students Every day. 
5. All Students From Class Kg To Class 4"' Should Bring A Pencil Box With 4 Sharpened Pencils, One Rubber And One Ruler (Scale). 
6. Student Of Class 5`° Onwards Should Bring Blue/Black Pilot Pen. 


1. Student Should Come To School Every day. If Any Emergency Written Permission For 
Holiday Should Be Taken. 
2. In Case Of Any Medical Leave A Medical Certificate Will Have To Be Provided. 
3. Any Unapproved Holidays Will Incur A Fine Of Rs. 10/- Per Day. If A Child Is Absent For 
2 Weeks With Out Any Notice Then His/her Name Will Be Struck From The Rolls. 
4. The Student Will Only Be Readmitted After Paying Re-Admission Fee Of Rs. 2000/- At 
5. The Discretion Of The School Management. 
6. Holiday For A Family Wedding Will Be Given Only Once Per Session. 


1. Fees For First Quarter Will Have To Be Paid By The 10`° Of April. 
2. Fees From July To March Can Be Paid Monthly By The 5' Of Each Month. 
3. Late Fees Will Be Charged At Rs. 10/- Per Day. 
4. Non-Payment for 15 Days Will Lead to the Child's Name Being Struck Off From The Rolls. 
5. A Re-Admission Charge Of Rs. 2000/- Will Have To Be Paid. 
6. Re-Admission Will Be At The Management's Discretion. 
7. Transport Fees Will Be Paid Quarterly Along With School Fees By The 10" Of Each Quarter. 
8. Child Will Be Picked Up And Dropped Off At The Designated Pick Up/Drop Off Point. 
9. While Applying For The Transport An Authority Letter Has To Be Duly Signed By The Parents. 
10. Please Take Driver's Mobile Number from the School. 
11. No Child Can Leave the Transport facility Mid Session.