Summer camp is a community where children come together to have fun while learning lifelong lessons. The setting of the camp is such that children start developing a sense of independence while trying new adventures. Summer camps are known for their safe environment and the fun activities for kids that they provide. The summer camp activities help develop a variety of social skills including communication and conflict resolution.

We will not be wrong when we say that there is something magical about summer camps and the experience they impart. Each camp is unique &  offers different summer camp activities that aim at making children independent and confident.

Till recently, summer camps were not a part of the Indian education system. Summer holidays simply meant finishing homework and a visit to the grandparents’ homes. However, parents have begun to realise the importance of summer camp activities for kids. Not only do these camps help children become great at socialising and making new friends, they even learn new skills.

Summer Camp Benefits
1. Enhanced Leadership Skills
Summer camps are the unsung hero’s that provide opportunities for early leadership development. They act as the primary training ground for leadership – both local and global. Chji are divided into groups, and each group has a leader who has to lead the groups towards winning. The leaders are frequently changed to give each child an equal opportunity to showcase their skills

2. Build Friendships and Learn Social Skills
When in a school, the structured schedule makes it hard for scholars to build friendships. However, in a summer camp, they have numerous opportunities to meet new students and form a lasting bond. Camp friendships are mostly created over inside jokes, shared experiences and similar life events. At the end of the camp, the confidence level and the ability to tackle social situations also increase.

3. Improved Decision-Making Skills
There is no doubt that summer camps offer the benefits of autonomy and freedom in a safe and controlled environment. An environment like this helps in making the children  consistent with their actions while requiring them to take decisions that someone else previously made for them. This sense of ownership instils a feeling of freedom handled responsibly.

4. Improved Communication Skills
Another benefit of summer camp is the improvement it provides in communication skills. Social and communicative skills usually build as the child grows, but summer camps prove to be an excellent opportunity to brush them up. Kids constantly have to communicate with their fellow campers to accomplish tasks and activities. Constant communication allows them to be more open about their thoughts and feelings while proving beneficial in the long run.

Final Words!

The points mentioned above clearly highlight the importance of summer camps. We at Genesis Global School, understand the importance of summer camp activities for children and have made summer camp a yearly ritual. We push the campers to explore their individual interests while having a great experience at the camp – memorable, diverse and rewarding. Other important values that we emphasise through our summer camp activities include developing a love for learning, being resilient, reconnecting with nature and learning social skills.