Educating the mind without Educating the heart is no Education at all…….. Aristotle.

Crescent Public School Kailashpur is built upon premise that only academic or curriculum learning alone cannot help in the development of the child . The child needs opportunity and pastures which can provide the right environment for his mind and body and soul to develop in union keeping the view in mind the school promises a very enhancing environmental envelop for children to learn grow and spread their wings.

Our curriculum is planned in a unique way, which involves implementation of different types of instructional strategy. The web of our curriculum like every individual is unique their background  and regional requirements and constraints  are also unique thus , Crescent Public School strives to cater  to the uniqueness of  our students and providing them a world class education through age and intellect appropriate techniques and activities .

Since its first session our school has scaled new heights and with the trained staff our children are trained and guided in a range of sports like basketball,karate , arts and crafts ,drawing etc .

At Crescent we are a team of dedicated teacher and staff, committed to the welfare of the children in our care . The importance of instilling good values in our students is our prime objective.  Hence we try to hone the talents of our children in a manner that they reach up to their potential.