"Information is Power; it should be just a click away."
In this tech savvy world, we realize the role of school in making students proficient from the day one.
No profession can run in isolation as almost everything is interwoven with Information Technology. Our enthusiastic young students will be the budding professionals tomorrow, so, IT training is given keeping in mind today's needs and tomorrow's vision. We have three IT Labs:
• For the Senior Classes
• For the Middle Classes
• For the Primary Wing
Digital Technology in the form of smart classes is used at CPS to provide multi-sensory learning. What might otherwise seem dull or monotonous with just text-book studies, becomes bright, and captivating in the flash and animation movies, which re-affirm the concepts already taught in class. This makes the process of learning fun and also ensures the lasting impact on the tech-savvy minds of today's generation.
Smart Classes add to the quality of teaching in the following ways:-
• Help in bringing abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
• Enable multi-sensory learning in classrooms
• Enable instant formative assessment of learning outcome in class
Over all they make learning fun and improve academic performance.